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Barbecue Styles of America

A Guide to Regional Barbecue Flavors

Here is a shortened list of regional BBQ flavors around the United States!

Kansas City

Signature Style: Tangy, Sweet; Tomato-and-Molasses-Based Sauce
Meat Specialties: Burnt Ends from a Beef Brisket
Where to Taste: Arthur Bryant’s in Kansas City, MO

Barbecue Styles of America – Kansas City Style Barbecue
Source: Fix.com

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Guilt Free: Dijon-Garlic-Rosmary Rubbed Lamb Roast

Running out of time and need a quick recipe to impress your Easter guests? Whether it is a traditional ham, a pork roast or even a leg of lamb, Ronco has this year’s Easter dinner/ brunch covered.  Ronco loves to share how to prepare the most savory, delectable and nutritious Easter meals ever.  The best part is that each of the recipes only takes minutes to prepare, but you’d never know that from the taste!  Check out this simple and delicious recipe for Dijon-Garlic-Rosmary Rubbed Lamb Roast and check out Ronco.com for the best must have tools for your kitchen as well as more great recipes for Easter and every day!

lamb roast

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Guilt Free: Thai Ground Beef Lettuce Wraps

Recently I purchased the Gourmet Nutrition Cookbook on a recommendation from my personal trainer.  He said there were some amazing recipes that even *I* could master… I chose not to take offense to that. :)  One that he pointed out in particular was Thai Ground Beef – a meal that you can enjoy any time during the day and not feel guilty about it since it is low in calories and fa, but high in protein.  I decided to give it a shot … and we all fell completely in love with it.

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Guilt Free: Grilled Chicken Wings in a Homemade Wing Sauce

Football season is in full swing and with it comes football parties that have scrumptious menus.  Chicken wings are a staple at every football party.  Heck chicken wings aren’t just good during football season, they are yummy all year round.  However, if they are prepared with out your health in mind, there can be A LOT of hidden calories in them. Fear not!  I have scoured the food blogs, read a lot of recipes and spent years creating the perfect GUILT FREE chicken wing.

Grilled Hot Wings

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Guilty: Halloween Chicken Pot Pie

Ahh, Fall is officially here…. well, at least by date.  Here on the Gulf Coast we are still melting with temps near 95* today.  However, there is a cool breeze that let’s us know it will not be long before we break out the sweaters for the most wonderful time of the year. I have gotten a head start on my holiday preparation, testing out a few new ideas early to make sure they are perfect.  Tonight I did this Halloween Chicken Pot Pie and it was an enormous hit with the family.   I have never made pot pie before - in fact I am not even certain I have even eaten one before - but this was so tasty I know it will be a staple this season.

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Guilt Free: Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

We have all come down with the back to school crud around here.  Thankfully its just runny noses and tiredness, but we all feel icky.  I have dosed the kids up with airborne and given them throat lozenges.  Yet, nothing satisfies a sick boy like homemade chicken noodle soup.

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Guilty: Oven Fried Pecan Maple Chicken

It has rained a bunch this summer. The average rainfall for June, July & August is 17 inches, we received about 25 inches during the last 3 months. :/  Originally, I had intended for this recipe to be grilled because it is very similar to Grilled Fried Chicken .  However, it rained the day it was prepared and quickly became and Oven Fried Pecan Maple Chicken.

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Guilty: Cube Steak Parmesan Recipe

Last week when I was at the store, Winn Dixie was having a great sale on cube steak – a meat I just learned how to cook recently in the Crock Pot.   But I wanted to try something different this time and headed over to Google to see what I could find.  Since I had so much fun last week with the Mexican Chicken Casserole and literally just throwing things in that I had on hand, I wanted to do the same with this – but I needed some inspiration.  The one recipe I kept seeing over and over was Cube Steak Parmesan.  Now I have never even tried Chicken Parmesan so I decided to give it a shot.  The family LOVED it.  Mike moreso than anyone and he is hard to please.

cube steak parmesan recipe

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Guilty: Mexican Chicken Casserole Recipe #CountryCrockCasserole

Last month I shared with you my Italian Chicken Casserole  – a recipe I concocted as part of the#CountryCrockCasserole Club that turned out amazing.  We have since eaten it twice – every time wishing I had made a double portion for more left overs.  This month I was challenged again to make another Country Crock Casserole using a few items in my Casserole Kit  plus “items you have on hand.” The Casserole Kit included a recipe for Mexican Beef and Corn Casserole but there was a problem… I only had chicken.  SO – I got creative again – throwing random stuff in from my pantry – and ended up with another amazing casserole!  Even though it isnt the PRETTIEST casserole I have ever made, it sure is one of the tastiest.

easy mexican chicken casserole recipe

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Guilty: Italian Chicken Casserole #CountryCrockCasserole #Giveaway

Last month I was invited to participate in the Country Crock Casserole Club where I get to make delicious casseroles and offer great giveaways from Country Crock.  I happily accepted this opportunity, since anyone that knows me knows Country Crock is a staple in my house, and Mike and I joke about having the “full set” of Country Crock “tupperware” bowls.

country crock casseroles

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