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Who are those hot babes up there in that picture? We thought you would ask! Lynsey is a mom of two daughters, Joy is a mom of two sons…

What is the idea behind Guilty or Guilt Free?  After a year of trying to be “guilty” and “guilt free” we realized that neither of us is 100% either way.  Guilty or Guilt Free is a place where you can find both – healthy, nutritious meals where you can feel “Guilt Free” PLUS your favorite comfort foods that may be “Guilty” but are oh so delicious. So whether you are in the mood for Guilty or Guilt Free – or a mix of both – we have everything you want all in one place.

I have a question: Great! We totally have an answer. Probably. Maybe.

The best way to contact us is to respond in the recipe you have the question for. While we do not consider ourselves experts or all knowing Guru’s of cooking, we will do our best to help you out! We have “mom experience”.

Where do you get your ideas? We are inspired by our parents, grandparents, other bloggers, recipe books and magazines, and all sorts of social media. If we are inspired by (we saw a recipe and it prompted us to create something similar but with a change of ingredients) or recreate and share (use the exact ingredients) a recipe that we know belongs to someone else, we will credit it properly. If you do not see a credit, it’s because it is an original or family recipe.

What camera do you use? Lynsey (guilty) has a Canon T3 and uses generally an 85mm or 50mm lens. Joy (guilt free) uses a Nikon and uses generally an 18-55mm and a 50mm.

I made your recipe and it sucked: We suppose that is gonna happen on occasion. Please note that everyone has different taste buds so you may not like something we love and vice versa. What you learn over time is to scan ingredients and realize the general taste before you cook it. Cooking is about fun, the love of food and the experiment, so if you try something that you don’t like, get back into that kitchen and make something new!

How do I submit a recipe or idea challenge? We would love for you to submit your original or recreated recipes to feature on Guilty or Guilt Free. Please fill out our form here.

I am PR and want you to work with us on a recipe challenge or product: Please contact us on our PR and Advertising Page.